Top Feeder – Double Compartment -5 Frame – Assembled & Painted

Top Feeder – Double Compartment -5 Frame – Assembled & Painted


This style of Top Feeder delivers syrup fast, and can hold several gallons. The bees walk up at one end. The screen goes over the dam and down to the bottom of the pan which will help to prevent bees from drowning. This design, with the opening on the lower side, maximizes the amount of food your bees will have access too. The bees enter through the bottom of the feeder, drink the syrup, and have little risk of drowning with the screen present over the opening of the feeder! Also handy for beekeepers, because it allows you to feed your bees without putting on a veil and lighting a smoker! All you need do is remove the telescoping top cover and pour your feed into the escape hole of the escape hole in your inner cover. You will love this design!

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