NUC Four Mini Mating NUC Box – Assembled & Painted

NUC Four Mini Mating NUC Box – Assembled & Painted

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Our Four Compartment Mini-Mating NUC with small frames is a very versatile unit. It is the same size as a 10 Frame hive so that it can be stacked on top of another colony to pull comb, prevent wax moth, or facilitate other uses you may have. Moveable dividers make it possible to convert two quarter-compartments into one half-compartment. This unit comes with a Migratory Lid and Bottom Board constructed to isolate the quarters from each other. Entrances to accommodate Feeders and Reducers for each quarter are on different sides. Feeders must be ordered separately. As an alternative to the Entrance Feeder, we also offer a Division Board Feeder. Additional frames are available. Please call us to order.

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Weight 15 lbs