NUC – Medium (Bottom Box is 6 5/8″ tall) with Live Bees – Live Bees for Sale – Live Bees Sold

NUC – Medium (Bottom Box is 6 5/8″ tall) with Live Bees – Live Bees for Sale – Live Bees Sold


The Italian Bees are raised locally and in the southeast part of Georgia.

You are purchasing a Medium (6 5/8″ tall) with the bees installed.  The NUC includes Italian Bees, an Italian Queen Bee, three frames of brood, eggs, and larva, one frame of honey, and one frame of pollen; all in a reusable waxed cardboard or plastic NUC box.  The NUC box is great for temporarily housing a NUC or a swarm.  If stored properly, it can be used for years.

No tax on Live Bees.  (Additional cost for a marked queen.)


12/1/2020: We are taking pre-orders for medium NUCs. Weather permitting, the NUCs will tentatively be available mid to late  April 2021. (Any listed dates are subject to change, due to factors outside our control.)

Local pickup arrangements at our storefront, will be made via mass communication (phone or email). We ship* the NUCs (via USPS Ground) on Mondays/Tuesdays, based on availability. You will be contacted before your pickup/shipping date. Order today!

(*Please be looking for an additional email stating our shipping terms.) 

There will be a $25 processing fee charged, per package/NUC, on any cancelled bee orders. Orders must be cancelled before March 1, 2021 via email for tracking purposes.


Live Bees for Sale – Live Bees Sold


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The Italian Honey Bee is the favored bee in this country.  They are known for their extended periods of brood rearing, Italian bees can build colony populations in the spring and maintain them for the entire summer. They are less defensive and less prone to disease than some of the other bee colonies.  Italian Honey Bees are excellent honey producers.

You are purchasing a Medium (6 5/8″ tall) NUC with the Italian Honey Bees already installed and ready to work.

Live Bees for Sale – Live Bees Sold


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