Hive Lid – Telescoping, Unassembled

Hive Lid – Telescoping, Unassembled


This Telescoping Hive Lid comes unassembled for the do-it-yourself style beekeeper. The Telescoping Hive Lid is like the roof of your house. It is designed to keep out the weather and elements. The name ‘telescoping’ comes from the idea that the cover telescopes over the top of the hive, with sides that fit snugly down over the outside of the hive bodies.


Our hand crafted Telescoping Hive Lid parts include the four sides with rabbeted corners and a wide aluminum skirt. We use white pine covered with aluminum to enable the lids to endure the harshest of weather conditions.  All Telescoping Hive Lids have folded corners to make sure they are waterproof and durable. These Telescoping Lids tend to be heavier than most and harder to blow off.


Our Telescoping Hive Lids parts are MADE IN THE USA in our workshop in Kernersville, North Carolina.


This Telescoping Hive Lid comes unassembled. It’s parts are made of unfinished wood and aluminum. It is available to fit 10, 8 and 5 frame configurations.  (Inner covers sold separately.)

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Telescoping Hive Lid, Unssembled
Covers top of hive
Sides fit snugly over the outside of hive bodies
White pine covered with aluminum keeps out the weather and elements
Folded corners ensure lids are waterproof and durable
Heavier than most lids and harder to blow off
Unassembled parts of unfinished wood with aluminum for cover
Available to fit 10, 8 and 5 frame configurations

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Weight 9 lbs
Frame Size

10 Frame, 8 Frame, 5 Frame