Book – The New Starting Right with Bees Book

Educational & Fun Information on Beekeeping basics.

The New Starting Right with Bees

This book has educational and pleasurable content to help individuals just starting out in Beekeeping.

21st Edition – Edited by the Editorial Staff of Bee Culture Magazine:  Kim Flottum and Kathy Summers

© 1997 by The A.I. Root CO.
138 pages

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Book – Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom & Pleasure Combined

Educational & Fun Information on Top-Bar Beekeeping

Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping:Wisdom & Pleasure Combined

This book has educational and pleasurable content to help Beekeepers in the Top Bar Hive Beekeeping.

by Wyatt A. Mangum, Ph.D
Stinging Drone Publications.
Bowling Green, Virginia, USA.

© 2012 Wyatt A. Mangum, Ph.D.
424 pages

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Book – First Lessons in Beekeeping

First Lessons in Beekeeping introduces the prospective beekeeper to the basics of beekeeping through easy-to-understand text and numerous color photos on honey bee biology, beekeeping equipment, management, honey production and processing, as well as disease diagnosis and treatment. In the preface to this book, author Keith Delaplane says of his first book on beekeeping, “Its pages opened to me a golden world of honey bees and beekeeping and guided my stumbling steps that first spring season. My story is but one of thousands who have passed through the door opened by Dadant’s little book.”

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