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Our Bees have Sprung here at American Bee Supply!!!

Hello To All of Our BeeKeeper Friends, Spring is here!!!!  Here at American Bee Supply LLC things are quite busy. Queen Bees are buzzing here in the office and Bees are buzzing in the shop. Let us know if you need a Queen Bee.  We have them marked and unmarked. Those girls are special, you know? Our next available pick up date for ordered Live Honey Bees will be Sunday, April 2nd.  We are taking orders now for April and May.  We may have extras so please give us a call at 336-497-4310.  We will get you on the list. We have had strange weather lately but I believe it is warming up again. Hopefully your bees have survived the winter and are thriving.  On a good note, Spring has Sprung and the Bees are a buzzin'.   Be sure to visit our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  Like and share our articles.  We hope you find some useful information in some of the links we provide as well. Here is a very helpful and informative link I found and would love to share with you:

Unique Bee Hive In A Tree

A Unique Hive in a tree photographed by our customers from Mississippi, Gregory & Carolyn Victoriana.  Don't you agree it is interesting?  Would love more pictures from our customers.  Feel free to share!

Do you have any unusual pictures to share? We would love to see them here at American Bee Supply. Send them to us so we can share with our Bee Keepers.

Happy Spring Beekeeping!!!


Wonder How Long It Took to Build This?

A friendly bee

Buzzing with the Beezzzzz

Have you ever thought about starting a Bee Farm? Are you afraid of getting stung by a Honey Bee? Believe it or not, beekeepers seem to get addicted after they get started with this adventure. I have heard women talk about how they love their bees and how protective they are of their hives. The men seem to be more protective of the Queen. Wonder why? Hmmmm! She is so strong and aggressive and she rules the roost. Have you heard if Mama is happy, everybody is happy? I believe this is why the Queen is the Queen. There is one Queen in a hive that rules. They all work hard to make her happy. If you ever read about honeybees, you would be amazed at their intelligence and how they thrive. They are amazing bugs and without them in our world we would not have our delicious fruits and vegetables. Here is an excellent article I found on the importance of Bees to our planet. I hope you find it as enlightening as I do. If you decide to Buzz With The Bees, come see us at American Bee Supply and we will get you well on your way. American Bee Supply is located at 2686 Piney Grove Road, Kernersville, NC 27284. You may also reach us by email at or by calling our office at (336) 497-4310. Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon!